February 6, 2010

Why Saturday is Now my Favourite Day of the Week

I love my day job. It is to be mommy to baby E. And it is awesome, rewarding, and silly. However, staying at home with a child who only says da-da can become a bit lonely. I feel a bit stifled during the week. A bit cabin-feverish. So on the weekends when there's three of us spending time, I am in my glory.

Not only do I appreciate the extra socializing, I really love my husband. He is all things awesome *usually! He almost always spends the weekend cooking, finding movies to download for us to watch, and lazing around. He teaches me a thing or two about taking it down a few notches.

Some weekends J.B. makes home-made bread. This weekend he made stew. My favourite is when he makes ribs. Oh my, how they fall off the bone and into my mouth so deliciously! 

I do nothing house-work related on Saturdays. I do my usual care-taking because I love to, but nothing else. We all rise around the same time and eat a leisurely breakfast. I cook eggs or pancakes--my only cooking for the weekend, and we (not E of course!) drink loads of coffee. It's a slow start and it's revitalizing. We all hang out for nearly the entire day in our open-concept family room, kitchen space, J.B.busily creating, and I watching or playing with E. We chit-chat and relax. It's glorious!

I can often even take a long nap in the afternoon, or slip out to Chapters all on my own while J.B. takes his turn child-minding for an hour or two. Oh the freedom of an afternoon in which I can choose where to go and what to do. The independence!

And then when four p.m. or so rolls around, it's time to open that yummy bottle of wine that J.B. bought specially for me--er us, to enjoy on my (our) day 'off'. I sip, E plays, J.B. cooks. We hang. We are all in great spirits. E is certainly delighted to have both parents for an entire day.

And when the evening rolls around, and our bellies are full of the delicious J.B. creations, we settle in, our wine in hand, and watch the special film J.B. has specifically chosen for our night's entertainment. He is a pro at choosing great films. And while E sleeps happily, smiling and thinking of her day with her family, her parents spend some quality time together, letting the week's worries melt away...

p.s. He cooks in his boxers! **(j) -- this is MY porno!


  1. Saturday = Heaven...and btw, I adore those porn for women cards haha I have them framed around my apartment :)

  2. Sounds wonderful....hopefully soon we can spend a Saturday together!

  3. Thanks for participating in The Saturday Network yet again! :D

    And, lol, hilarious book. Your Saturdays sound sweet, and I hope you enjoyed yesterday!

  4. I hope so Beth! one day!

    i love these too melissa

    and jenn -- thanks for hosting!


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