February 5, 2010

Dear Blog...

I have a very important question to ask you:

If I, hypothetically, found a grey hair in my eyebrows, would I be officially considered OLD?! Would I, if such an event had occurred, have to align myself with the likes of Samantha from Sex and the City, who had to turn to the Betty Beauty Products?

Please be honest Mr(s). Blog; but be kind. You realize I am so much younger than Samantha and that I actually don`t really have grey hair on my head, never mind having any anywhere else!

Oh what a sorry state of affairs were this development to actually happen to someone as young as I. A true glimpse of one`s mortality, to be sure!

At least, if a stray grey did emerge, it would be okay to pluck the offending hair out of the eyebrow, right?...When just one is plucked, two more won`t grow back in its place, will they?!

And then, inevitably, regardless of what is or is not happening to the arches right now, there will come a time when they will both become all grey, am I right? Blog, tell me, is there a dye for them too?

Thank you for listening and responding to my alleged dilemma, my friend!

Sincerely yours,

MAYBE Mortified--though definitely Mortal, ME.


  1. Hey, just stopping by from Books at midnight's Saturday network. I really like the pic of the flower at the top.

  2. Too funny!!! My mom was totally grey by 30 so I think both of us are OK if we starting finding one or two now that we have hit the 30 mark. It's all relative and means nothing.

    You are as young as you feel.

  3. Anonymous6.2.10

    re: the flower.. meant to represent a vagina? ive seen it elsewhere and this is what it represented!

    i think the eyebrow dye is one with the hairdye so you just dab it on when dying head!

  4. If it's any consolation, I found a gray hair 15 years ago, right after my older daughter was born (I figured I'd earned it!) and I still don't have any gray hair to speak of. :-D

  5. the flower is one of my husband's creations. he hybridizes day lily's. however, that is another connotation if one was to be all deep and stuff. it is a site for woman after all!!!

  6. Hey SB, stopping by from the Saturday Network! I think this is how I found your blog in the first place! :)

  7. I have had grey hairs since I was sixteen. I definitely don't think that greys are any great indicator of age.

  8. I hope greys do not indicate age -- although remember, this is a fictional tale!!!! and I hope I stay as young as I feel -- on a good day that is!


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