February 4, 2010

The Skinny Jean!!! (Part Deux)

So Elaine over at clothed much has kindly let me steal her photo and post it here. Her site is dedicated to all things fashion--and she has definitely got a keen fashion sense. She posts a daily photo of what she's worn that day. Yesterday's photo was a perfect example of who can wear the skinny jean. She can wear the skinny jean! They look great on her! The top and bottom of her outfit are proportionate! I am no fashion authority by any means -- I like seeing how outfits work on others -- it helps me appreciate what one can do with an article of clothing. Elaine's daily photo helps me learn what clothing can do for us! So I stand corrected -- or at least humbled! Thanks Elaine!!! Go check out her site...and maybe even put a bid in on some of her cute clothes!

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  1. ohhh skinny jeans...we have a love/hate relationship. I'm very athletic - tons of swimming leg muscles even though I'm tiny - and while I love skinny jeans, I find it so hard to find the perfect pair! :)

  2. I think skinny jeans are def. made for some people and not others :)

  3. ha ha. Melissa -- being a swimmer, I bet you are perfectly proportioned and would look fab in skinny jeans...and bethany -- I totally agree.

  4. Anonymous4.2.10

    i myself could never pull off the skinny jean.. however, flares must always stay in style and even when they're not i must continue to wear them!!

  5. Anonymous5.2.10

    Thanks for telling us about this website, Bella. It's amazing what people post online, isn't it? Elaine does look good in skinny jeans, and her other outfits are really interesting. If anyone cares to know what *I'm* wearing today, I've got my usual work-at-home sweats paired with a ponytail and purple slippers from my husband. I think Oprah calls this look the "schlumpadinka." ;)

    Speaking of other blogs, do you (or anyone else out there) have a good foodie blog to recommend? I've abandonned various seraches because of the sheer volume. I can't believe how many people blog about food.

  6. I will look into it!

  7. i am with you, whoever you are:-)! I love me my flares...and they keep my upper and lower body nicely proportionate!


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