January 13, 2010

Why is it so hard to dress nicely in the winter?

I was chatting with someone today about outerwear -- and I have never felt that I looked very good or had good enough outerwear gear. LIKE NEVER. I always feel frumpy and old and blah. We were chatting about Ugg boots as well. I am just wondering when this fad will pass? I think it looks good on the youngins and even some very obviously well put together and hip thirty year olds. But mostly, I think it's not all that flattering a look. They are big and look like slippers. Anyhow, they are better than my old woman looking, though very practical all things considered (like yard duty and a snowy winter climate) Hush Puppies, but are they fashionable? I remember when I was young and Cosmo was the fashion bible and they said absolutely no fashionable woman in her right mind would ever where cargo pants (which were the creme de la creme at the time), and I sorta feel that way about Uggs.

I would also like someone to point me in the direction of a practical, yet attractive jacket that is fitted, yet comfortable and that looks good on me. I have NEVER had that. I look at all these women and they look so put together in their winter ware and I just never feel that way...There is always the money factor too -- I would rather spend money on my daily attire than my outerwear, but if I could just take some time and put together something nice, I'd probably enjoy the winter and me in it so much better. Or maybe I am grasping?!

Does anyone feel good in their winter outerwear? Where did you buy your stuff?? Help me, please!

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