January 13, 2010

On Teething...

Dear Whomever,

Why oh why was teething invented? Just when us mommies (and daddies) are truly getting the hang of the consistently inconsistent nature of our babes, and are feeling more confident than ever that we can indeed help these little creatures thrive (yeah us!), teething begins and all previous confidence is shattered: enter a whole new territory of cranky, swollen, uncooperative baby...who before this new phase was sleeping through the night, was eating solids, was happy AND cooperative...And most importantly, mommy(daddy) and baby had hit a new, mutually agreed upon, happy rhythm . But now. Someone is laughing at us both, mom (dad) and baby.

Sleeping through the night: bah!!!

Eating: forget it!

Drinking bottle: NEVER!

Being predictable: Not on your life!

Thanks so much for ensuring we don't get over confident in our abilities as mommies...(or daddies).

Thanks so so much.

(please note sarcasm)!

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