January 13, 2010

oh the ever popular january discussion: diets, the new me.

so i'm in the process of winding down from pumping for my nine month old, and i know for sure that my metabolism is gonna slow right down.

what to do?

well number one: don't go running back to the wine that i previously loved more than I will admit...whoops, too late. Already done that.

number two: a new and very novel idea. follow canada's food guide. hm.

Let's see:

2 fruits. yum

3-5 veg...ha, we'll see.

6 grains -- 30 oz. serving sizes. again. we'll see.

2 proteins -- hope peanut butter still counts!!!

wish me luck...!

p.s. notice I say nothing about exercise...it's the brand-new me!

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