January 13, 2010

On Brittany Murphy and Tiger Woods

Okay, let's start with Tiger -- no longer care about him, at all. He's a pig of a man and that's all I can come up with for discussing him. Lots of women. But again, who knows about Hollywood marriages. Which ones are for real?

We all marry for different reasons. I believe most Hollywood combos are economic/public mergers...Many non-Hollywood marriages are for the matter...So maybe they had an open and mutually agreed upon arrangement. It's the children stuck in the middle who will never know the true security of a mother father union *although they may still, that makes me sad.

Brittany Murphy...has looked high, sad, and anorexic since she co-starred in 8-Mile. Her eyes bugged out of her head, and her beauty was greyed by her obvious strain and sadness. Who knows if her death was drugs or anorexia -- both can wreak havoc on a person's heart. Poor girl.

Did the Jonas brother who got married do it so he could sing about sex? Interesting theory for the Disney boys!!!

Finally, Charlie Sheen and his wife named ________________. Poor little twins. Drugs, abuse, rehab. What a mess. To raise two babies in that? WHY? Children are a right, not a privilege...grrrr!!! Where are the social services who should be swooping in?? hm.

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