August 11, 2011

jb Says I am 'One of THOSE Parents'....

What do you suppose that means?

Shall I write my original title and let you decide?


My Five Month Old is Smarter Than Me!

Any ideas what he meant ;-)!?

I guess with child number two we're supposed to be seasoned parents, right? We're supposed to know the cues, and certainly realize when we're being manipulated...

I consider myself double seasoned after e. (er. during e? - as she's still much the same, if not more so!)

She is master manipulator, heart-string tugger extraordinaire!

She really is people.

If I were to think back really honestly, I'd say she started foiling and wrapping me helplessly around her contriving (albeit sweet) little finger from about 3 months onward. She is a professional at making me feel that everything I do for her is my decision. Or, more to the point, it`s things she needs or has needed.

For instance, I would spend HOURS nursing my child to sleep. HOURS! and I`d tear the head off anyone who awoke her after that invested time and energy.





I never realized how early on she started to train poor, unknowing me...

But now I am on babe number two.

I`ve read my Whisperer cover to cover over one hundred times (not literally, people! er. I don't think...)

I`ve managed to train, retrain and train once more my lil`master manipulator! (Though I still feel I have a WAYS to go with her...She still catches me up!)


ha! yah right...


Enter Dr. b.

Sweet, baby faced, pudgy, curious little Dr. b.

Surely he`s too sweet and too young to foil me already...

And! I am a veteran.

And! He is a baby.

Um. Yah.

Enter baby boss number two.

Exit my entire understanding of who I thought I was and how in control I thought I could be.

Um. Yah.

How has he trained me, you ask?

Well, let me tell you!

He WILL not. NOT. NOT (did I just double negative myself right there?) go to bed until he`s laid on me, kneading my one arm and caressing my shoulder, all the while sucking his soother and leaning back lazily in my loving cradle hold.

But!!! By George, this whole thing was my choice

 All mine!

I chose when and why and how I would soothe my baby. And I chose when I was done.


Yah right.

Enter me trying to impose my needs into this situation.

I decide that a half hour hauled up in his room, in his rocker, attached to him, isolated from the rest of the house, or what-have-you, is quite enough and I decide to put my babe to bed.

Babe feels himself being lowered into bed.

Babe sits up (as much as he can) and he starts to cry, budge, wake up....

Enter my son showing me who`s boss.

Exit my volition...

And another half hour is clocked rocking, caressing, kneading, lazy head leaned back happily...

And he knows, he has me.

But I don`t!


It was MY choice to spend an hour or more with my sweet, loving, baby-faced, round cheeked fella, don`t you know!

To be fair, he has/had been collicky and all I could do to calm him was to rock him, bounce him, walk him, put him in a room with a fan, etc., to soothe him and calm him.

That was legit...(I think????!!!!)

But that turned into this.

Hence, the need to baby train.

And I had to stop last week and try to remember when the colic cry exited and the manipulation entered.

And I wonder how many extra hours have been clocked appeasing my sweet, coy little boy...

I am thinking at LEAST a month.

My doc says collicky children are smart.

I might have to agree.

Either way, me thinks my children are WAY smarter than me (though, again to be fair, that is not NECESSARILY saying much;))...

Regardless --
They`re constantly finding ways to outsmart and outwit me.

I best be staying on my toes, people...else I succumb to them both!!! What would happen then????

I wonder how many days it will take to undo what I`ve invariably done...and how many times I`ll fall back into old habits (of my choosing, no doubt!)


Does this rant make me one of those parents? Simply because I think my kids are `special`?


Nay, they`re gifted...

Ha Ha!


Wish me luck!

I'm sure I'll be back with a similar post. ... The Question is how soon.... he he he.

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