July 22, 2011

Things You Might Not Know About Me....Not that you asked.

1. I hate Lady Gaga. Her first album was awesome and creative and really great to workout to. Her recent release sounds plagiarized, her look is obscene and I just wanna get all up in her face and ask her what her target market is, what she's trying to teach this target market and why she's such a try harder poser. She actually makes me passionately angry. She will never be Madonna.

2. I am a very busy person. If I let myself, I will go go go all day and all night. I feel most vital being busy.

3. I love being physical. Even before being busy, I love being physical. If I could dance, or do cardio all day long, I would be in my element - my bliss, if you will.

4. I used to be cheesy. Er. I still am, actually.

5. I was once told that for a smart person I was really stupid, and to this day I believe this person's observation of me to be the most apt. AND I am not being hard on myself!

6. My uncle used to search for blond in my hair.

7. Although I like to be busy and I love to be physical, I am actually at the core, very lazy. If I had the choice, I would never clean, cook, do laundry or any other household duty. And groceries would be delivered....Forget the manual labour!!!

8. I think every store that sells anything should have a drive-thru. Even clothing stores. (With a good return policy!!!)...Much easier after having children.

9. I left e in the car on her own once for five minutes...Don't tell CAS!

10. Although you might think I am outgoing, I am actually very shy. I even have a bit of social anxiety. So if you notice me talking a lot or drinking a lot...you know why!

11. I have made some of the best friends in the world and lost some of the best friends in the world, because although I fancy myself a people pleaser, I have very strong convictions. What a conundrum!

12. I love my family so much it scares me.

13. As JB likes to say, I have baggage!

14. If I could figure out a way to make money off of writing, I would. I believe my need for speed and my anxiety, and my lack of focus and failure to practice this craft are reasons I fear I will never attain this goal.

15. I used to be obsessed with self help books.

16. I like control and order. Always.

17. 16 was likely obvious after reading 15....

18. After going through labour with e (never mind the details), I feel I can accomplish most anything (other than, of course, writing....for money....)!

19. After surviving one babe with Acid Reflux, continuing to thrive happily through my second babe with reflux, and successfully being a working mom, I feel more invincible and actually more confident in myself than I used to.

20. I feel very blessed in my life today....

21. I cannot tell jokes or sayings to save my life. I always mess them up.

22. Writing fulfills me like dancing does.

23. I used to be a good skater and got my first trophy from Kurt Browning....

24. I love to kiss people (I think after having kids, this has become my endearing way of saying I really like someone...)

25. this is way too long. I guess number 25 would be that I might be a bit egocentric. Either that or I've had one too many glasses of wine...you decide!


  1. Anonymous23.7.11

    What kind of writing do you like to do best? If you had time to write a book, what would it be about? I can see you writing all sorts of stuff -- fiction, non, self-help, children's lit (with your own illustrations...)

    Awesome seeing you on Thursday. We started using a soother :)


  2. Loved seeing you & and am so proud of u & Nate! You make parenting look easy!!! YAy for soothers!

  3. Mike says the same thing about me...#5 that is! He has often remarked that for a very smart person I say very stupid things sometimes. Maybe that's why we are friends?


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