November 13, 2010


I've never been one who was good at change. Though I do thrive on excitement, change has always been a nemesis of sorts.

Right now, I am feeling the force of change pressing down on me.

E's room is no longer a little baby girl's room. We have moved out her change table and her original side table and moved in a big girl shelf and dresser.

She is going to be the big sister now; she will no longer be my baby.

And this fact, though wonderful and progressing, breaks my heart in two.

Life seems to move just way too fast for me; I haven't had time to adjust, to truly appreciate baby e; to hold on to all that is precious and not lose any of the little important and/or seemingly insignificant moments that are starting to drift away.

Today she is my baby, tomorrow she will be my little girl;

And one day she will be all grown up.

Can't I hold on to baby e just a bit longer? And can't she hold on to being baby e just a little longer?

Don't get me wrong, I love that our family is growing. I just want time to slow down the pace and let us all just soak up the precious one-on-one baby moments we have left.

To change...may it be slow....

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  1. I hear you. I am very bad at change as well. I like my routine and structure. A surprise assembly is enough to throw me into a tailspin!! But this is a good change, and e will always be your baby!


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