September 9, 2010

Why I NEED to be a Working Mom

One week in and I am already reminded how much I thrive off of working. It's funny how fickle (or maybe it's forgetful?) I am when I am off with my intoxicating little e. I think to myself how could I ever leave her? And then I am back at work - after leaving my baby girl in tears, no less - and I am so so happy to be there. To be productive. To be somebody to somebody who can communicate their gratitude! 

Let's face it, family's great, but my role is mother and wife - who needs to be grateful for this given? (I kid!)

It's just different.

I also think that I was born to work.

I started babysitting regularly at eleven.

I had my first cleaning job at age 15.

I started in the service industry at the age of 16.

And I've worked more than fifteen jobs (none from which I've been fired) since then...

I thrive off jobs that force me to run off my feet and that ensure that all my synapses are firing full tilt from start to finish.

Oh the adrenaline rush - I am an adrenaline junky!

And teaching is nothing short of all the things I love combined: busy, people oriented, hopeful, changing, creative, unpredictable, always challenging...

You get the idea.

So, as much as I love my daughter, my husband, my home, I need to be away and amongst crazy busy-ness to feel vital in my life. For me.

For them, too, really. Because truly, my job actually revs me up; it does not drain me (usually). So I come home more full than I left, and then I give all of it to my family!

I may not give my full cup to the cooking and cleaning (because who are we kidding? I hate those things with all my might and I will never feel a sense of self or accomplishment or whatever natural born domestic goddesses feel when they have perfectly pressed clothes and perfect lines in their freshly vacuumed rugs) but I will be a happier mom and wife to those who mean the most to me!

And a happy wife, my friends, as we all know, means a happy life! 

And how!


  1. Anonymous11.9.10

    I had the same thoughts this week, SB. I am more organized and happy and on the ball when I am out of the house for 9 hours a day! We might be singing a different tune come report card time...

  2. Anonymous13.9.10

    It takes a very well organized woman to do what you (and you HV-L) do. It is great for your sanity and good for the independence of your children. For me, as long as I have a "hit list" for every day I have this adrenalin rush or feeling of satisfaction in accomplishing my tasks. We are women and you can hear us ROAR!!!!!
    ~ anonimo (sorry to keep you always wondering who has posted...)


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