September 21, 2010

Things that make me Happy....

These days I feel like I've reverted back to being a child; that is, now, once again, the world I see is often through my baby e's lens. It's awesome.

When I was a child, I went to church once a week. It was my favourite: I got to dress up in my favourite dressy clothes and then I got to people watch and socialize.

But most importantly (besides all the holy stuff, of course), I was with my family.

There was a comfort, a sense of belonging: to my family, to (gag if you must) God's family.

I now go with e (thankfully, though, there is a daycare for her, because I cannot seem to keep her in a pew longer than two minutes before she's going mental).

We go 'together' and then when it's time for communion, I get her from the daycare and I bring her up to get blessed. After that, she runs around like crazy (after my failed attempt to keep her in the pew, of course!) - and she goes to the hall for her little tim bit.

She is happy.

I am happy.

And then, as of late, she goes down for a nice three hour nap afterward.

So mass has re-entered my life once again. But it is through that need to belong that I was motivated to really put forth an effort to attend.

That feeling I had as a child has once again returned.
Only I am the mommy now.

And I am providing this new routine for my child (and God willing, future children).

And it's awesome.

Now to get jb to feel the same...

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  1. Anonymous22.9.10

    What a beautiful post! It made my heart smile. If I could only get N to haul his you-know-what out of bed. At least for the time being, sleep trumps all else for him on Sunday mornings. Maybe with sister D here, she'll have a good influence on him.



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