June 3, 2010

Report Card Hell.

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, then you've either been, or at least glanced at the inferno that is Report Card Season. Oh yes.

(did you hear that echo???)!

And usually I am alright with report cards. Alright. Not good. Not okay.


But this year, not so much.

Seems I must have deleted my trusty old report card file during my breezy days on maternity leave....Why would I ever need that file again???!!! DUH!!! - and with it went my report card link, all my comments, and a whole lot of my report card comfort and calm...

Yup - it was, afterall, my resource - my go-to stash of all-things report card....

And now it is somewhere in Internet Abyss...just floating around for no one to use.

So what did that mean for me tonight upon realization of said stupid-ass deletion of hyper-important file?


Let's see.

One hour of me sweating over my computer trying to figure out why my browser kept collapsing on me every time I tried to get into important report card site - you know the one in which I MUST WRITE MY BLEEPING REPORTS??!!

Um. Yah.

After an hour of my own blind trouble-shooting, I heaved a huge sigh and felt a new weight settle on my shoulders and clamp a nice vice around my brain.

Because I knew that the only step I could logically take for fear of yet again messing up jb's machine, was to ask jb for his help.

Now jb is many things, but he is not patient.

And he values his lazy evenings doing what he wants.

And he hates my computer illiteracy.

So add those already negative points up and what do you have?

A very fearful and nervous sb who has to do report cards but does not want to face the rath of jb...

But I did.

It only took a few hundred expletives and an hour and a half of trouble-shooting (during which time he reminded me over and again why my board is shit and his is awesome)...

And I sat near by, but just far enough...Feeling the pins beneath me - frustrated that we both had to be dragged into this huge, seemingly needless, time suck...

And after a lot of deleting, downloading, add-ons, java this and orcha that....

I was in.


Just Great.

The only thing worse than wasting an hour and a half of trying to attain some innane goal?

Is when the goal itself sucks just as badly as the time suckage it took to get to it...

A circular cycle of annoyingness...(were there a word)...

I will let you know when these stupid things are done...though I don't think I'll need to as the tone of my blog entries I am sure will tell the tale rather explicitly.

Happy Weekend All!

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