May 24, 2010


I have experienced very few deaths in my life; and never have I experienced a passing that was way too early - far earlier than it should have ever happened. My husband's close friend lost out on so many of life's experiences: marriage, babies, career expansion, etc. 

That's one of the hardest thoughts to deal with during this time.

And I wonder how I can help support my husband, who is by nature a very stoic, reserved, private person.

He shares very few feelings with anyone, including me. 

I am not sure how to deal with the coming weeks when the supportive friends who've come to the fore start to fade away again, and j.b. is left with his thoughts...When he starts to really deal with this sudden tragedy.

How can I be there for him?

How does one know what to say?

What to do?

And how we keep his dear friend's memory present and prevalent.

Finally, how can we make any sense of this tragedy?



  1. I would recommend that he see someone who is trained to deal with grief. When I lost 4 family members in a matter of 3 months I started having anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who isn't in your daily life.

  2. Hi SB!

    I have an award to share with you =)


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