May 29, 2010

On Blogging...

Some days I wonder why I blog - is it for personal edification? Is it cathartic/therapeutic? Is it self-indulgent? I am not sure it is solely any one of these...And I simply cannot seem to dig deep enough to figure it out.

And so it goes...

Paired with this question, of course is, why do we read blogs?

Many blogs, mine included, are mostly about the blogger and his (though usually her) life...We blog our personal thoughts and revelations, our journeys and goals, our ever-inspired realizations; and of course, we all like to talk about our jobs and our families...

Do you get sick of reading about jb and e? What does it do for you, reading about them, I wonder?

I know I love reading my friend's blogs because I enjoy learning about their goals, where they are in life, and where they are planning to go. People who are always and ever evolving are my favourite sort.

They inspire me.

They help me remember that ultimitely we must grow and evolve in our lives lest we fester - stop - become stunted...

I am a big fan of Darwin's Theory of Evolution; that is the fittest survive because they adapt and evolve constantly. I try hard to fight my natural inclination to fight change (I've always been one who hates change; I love the familiar). However in light of recent events, I am learning that I (and most) feel most alive when I am striving, working hard, and am stimulated and actively engaged in all things life.

I thrive off of feeling the exhileration of grabbing and suffocating the shit out of my life - 

That's why I love my career. I am constantly called to chase after things, students, teachers, projects, causes, etc. I am also always asked to help motivate others to do the same. And the only thing more exhilerating than having my own goals is helping motivate others to realize and chase after their own aspirations...

It's a pretty fun domino to be a part of...

Anyhow - I guess this blog about blogging has sort of asked a question and then answered it also...but that was my answer - what is yours? why do you blog? why do you like blogs? 

Talk to me, people!

Now that the house is clean(ish) and the groceries done (ish) - time to enjoy the weekend. 



  1. Anonymous29.5.10

    seeing as we never see each other anymore i like to know what is going on in the life of mama b! also, this blog is similar to the view.. i love having "hot topics" with my tv ladies and, apparently, my online lady!! now, i need updated pics of little e!!!!!!!!

  2. > I thrive off of feeling the exhileration of
    > grabbing and suffocating the shit out of my life -

    YES! Exactly! I feel the same way.

    Anyway, I've often asked myself the same question. It's a very solipsistic activity, isn't it? And presumptuous...I mean, we assume someone out there cares about our self-absorbed rambles (ok, by our I mean mine).

    But I guess it's about leaving a mark, and about letting loose all those thoughts that spin around instead of internalizing them.

    As to why we read...well, I read YOUR blog because you are fabulous, and I look fondly on the time we spent together when we were younger, and I love seeing how your life has developed since. xo!

  3.'re hilarious, fig - solipsistic. Nice word...I agree whole-heartedly. I am ever curious about your Craft Sundays and the Jungian analyst...And I love reading all about your new goals and frustrations...and anonimo? the view? wow...that's nice! i cannot wait until our summer hangouts! - and more pics soon!

  4. Anonymous30.5.10

    I read your blog because I think you're awesome and I like to get inside your head. I love to read about how you are mulling something over, teasing out a problem, or reminding us of what is really important. To tell you the truth, I don't read many other blogs. The others tend to be written by musicologists or academic-types. I read those ones because I feel I *should*. They raise the "latest" issues in our field, address issues in academia (problems of finishing graduate school, finding a job, getting tenure, publishing, etc.). In short, I find your blog WAY MORE entertaining and I look forward to reading every new post.

    Ditto on new pics of E. I miss her :(



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