April 6, 2010

Post-it Note Tuesdays - For your GAG - ME pleasure!

This meme was started by semi-anonymous Supah Mommy over at Adventures of a Wanna-Be Supah Mommy!

For your gag - refluxing pleasure:


  1. Anonymous6.4.10

    I wanna pink velour track suit. That's awesome. I think you should invest in Mommy-Baby E matching track suits. Yay for good days and good husbands.

    --le :)

  2. Anonymous7.4.10

    matching outfits!! love it!! i cannot wait to see pics of the velour track suit and the puma's!!!!! awww, puma's!! i had to wait until i was in my 30s to get my first pair of puma's! lucky girl!

  3. I KNOW! Seriously! How can my baby have Puma's? I cannot even afford them!!! Oh wait. Hand me downs. oh yah! Thank Goodness for rich in-laws!

    tee hee!
    I will take pics next round.

  4. Sounds like your hubby's a keeper!


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