April 23, 2010


Okay if you are of my generation, then you MUST appreciate Madonna, at least a little...

And even if you don't -


I am a HUGE Madonna fan. 

Her music was the first I ever learned to memorize. My very first tape was Like a Prayer. I performed my first lip sync contest to Like a Prayer. The first lip-sync contest I won was to Cherish. 

I did many a dance routine to Madonna. My students today do dance routines to Madonna for Dancefest.

I have owned ALL of her music. ALL of it.

 I've even been in the nose-bleeds section at one of her concerts! (expensive, silly seats, but so worth it)!

All of her music has marked some part of my life - from my youthful elementary school days, lip-syncing and dancing to Like a Prayer, to my adventurous high school days and first boyfriends when Secret was my favourite Madonna song - to my trip to Europe, dancing to Ray of Light in the disco's...Her music has been a very present back drop in my life.

So when GLEE pays homage to Madonna - I get REALLY REALLY excited!

Especially when all the students are passing down the halls in a montage of various Madonna-inspired trademarked images (Oh yah - Matarial Girl/Who's that Girl/Express Yourself/Vogue/Like a Virgin....etc. etc.)...I am bursting out of my chair in crazy, nostalgic excitement! I cannot contain myself!!!

And then to hear all the newly mixed and sung music. Oh Man.

I am a young girl again. 

I am!

How I love the way Madonna's songs transcend time and take me back to those various moments in my life. It makes me so so happy.

And to watch the Vogue rendition (which was hilarious with its little Sue Sylvester additions) - and then to in turn recall how in high school I copied the routine verbatim for a talent show.

Oh I love it!

Wow. Art. Music. Dance.

There is nothing that makes me happier.

And Madonna, to me, represents all those things.

And now, so does Glee.

oh and Le? Yup there was a reference to Stephen Sondheim too!

Yay Glee!

Yay harmless pop musical entertainment!

Yay to bubble-gummy naivety and youthful, wide-eyed reflections! 

Oh nostalgia and memories - how I love you!!!

Come on Vogue - Strike a pose...please enjoy the following videos and know I restrained myself from adding even more - this montage is a mere scraping of the surface of madonna music I'd love love love to share.

Enjoy - responsibly!

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  1. Anonymous24.4.10

    Whee, I loved that episode. Not a huge Madonna friend (yes, I admit it...sorry, she's always bugged me a bit) but I must admit to liking most of the songs they used.

    Plus that show is always super fun.

    And Sue Sylvester's vogue? WOW!


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