March 16, 2010

On an Empty Stomach...
Above: me post shopping - no more malls ... for a while.

I write this. 

So if it is incoherent, I do apologize! I have like five pounds to lose by next weekend. (I hope)! Ha! What a joke.

We'll see.

Does that give you a hint as to how my shopping day went yesterday? 

OH Man. 

Never mind the shitaculous (pretty sure I stole that word from Perez Hilton) lighting in those stores that make every woman (and man) look pasty, tired, and drained :-)!

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?


So I made my list.

And checked it twice.

On an organizational roll...

Good start.

Had e dropped off at daycare at eight-thirty a.m. after her not eating (been this way for two weeks almost). I cried as I left her. A small sidebar: about three years ago, j.b. and I owned two lovely kitties: razz and staggerlee. They were, of course, our first children. I found out I was deathly allergic (no seriously!) to cats after about three years of owning them. I used to smoke, so I never correlated my inability to breathe with the cats until I quit. Then I would spend nights pulling desperately for air and taking antihistamines so I could breathe at least a little. I was in denial: from one bad habit to the next. Until finally I went to a Walk In Clinic and the good ol' doc said I basically should have been in Emerg, that's how badly I was breathing. ANYHOO, long story short, we were instructed to get rid of the cats ASAP. So we did. In like a week. A nice nurse who had lived on a farm and had all respect for animals took them. We drove the kitties to her house. And we brought them in. And they cowered. But once they settled and were getting a bit comfortable, we bolted. (Quick and easy). Yeah right.

That's how I felt about leaving e. I wondered, does she think I won't come back for her? Does she feel abandoned?

Probably an over-imagination  on my part, yes?

Apparently she fussed, but quickly settled.

j.b. picked her up after the hour so I could get a move on all my busy day adventures.

So off I went list and plan in hand: First to a children's store to finish e's birthday shopping. 

I have bought her maracas (cuz they're just so much fun), building blocks, bath toys, two pairs of adorable shoes, (btw, I really restained myself here -- it's bad enough that I have a shopping addiction when it comes to me -- having a daughter is going to make my habit that much worse!!!), two bonnets, and two outfits. Pretty good, huh? 

Oh and I had a cute banner made for her that we will pull out yearly for her birthday. A little over the top, but what - ev. Let's not discuss the price tag on this - I may have a small anxiety attack. And I plan to never never never tell j.b. Let's let him remain happily ignorant. 

Happy jb Happy e Happy me.

Okay. The run down:

In six hours I hit twelve stores, got my hair cut and coloured and got all waxed (eek!) and ate two meals. I am an ANIMAL!

  • H & M was good to me: 2 dresses. 3 pairs of pants. two tops. one red scarf. one bow for hair. $250.00. Not bad.
  • Urban Behaviour was OKAY: two sweet cardi's. I have a nice collection now!
  • And everywhere else? Brutal. I had such a productive first hour, then found NOTHING ELSE.
  • No shoes. (waaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa)
  • Went to Dynamite in a fifteen minute rush before my hair appointment, tried on and bought three things...Rethought them all, and apres my lovely preening, promptly returned them all. As Diane says, that good ol' Catholic guilt can be something FIERCE!!! - No regrets, though. Mostly.
  • I did get the bras!! Can I tell you how much I hate hate hate spending money on bras. I have to laugh, too. The sale's lady looked at me and guessed my size two sizes too small. Guess that's a good thing? Dunno. That was the worst part of  my day though.
  • greys covered? check
  • darker black/brown, rich colour? check check
  • Shiny? CHECK!
  • less disheveled? Thank GOD: check check check
  • Price tag? Don't ask! But but but: $100 cheaper than what I usually pay -- so that's good, but also indicative of the astronomically high price of 'beautifying' oneself!
Overall? Productive! I've overhauled my closet, reorganized my wardrobe and decided what to pair with what (this is my favourite thing to do post-shopping)...Oh what a materialist am I??? I actually had more clothes and shoes already than I had originally thought. But I could still do with one more pair of shoes:-).

The money may be ALL gone, but the rejuvenated feeling is worth it!

I even modeled all my new finds for j.b. (didn't even have to hide any cuz I was so good and budgeted - Yay me!). I would tell you he was completely into the fashion show and the clothing - but I'd be lying. It was mostly so I could play with my new toys!!

And j.b's full day with e? Oh he was bored. Every time I'd call to check in, he'd be like, when are you coming home? I am so bored!!! And Does e ever eat ANYTHING?

So when I did get home and was somewhat organized, his duties were done. He stopped all work, read the paper, did Soduko, played on the computer.
Man I wish I was a man.

So ladies, I hope you enjoyed my play-by-play of my overhaul day! I'd say I did pretty good. I won't be going back naked (in my paper bag, if you recall); nor will I be a hairy beast. Lucky everyone. And, mostly, I feel like I can actually step out into the world without being a frazzled mess.

Now to figure out how to remain calm, cool, collected when it comes to the actual work day and its routines - but that's an issue for another day.

Off to put on one of my new ensembles :-). Oh the shiny fun of new clothes! 

Time to enjoy the sun.

And eat. Should probably do that too.

I'll keep you posted on the weight-loss: I am down 3 lbs so far! Yippee!!!


One more thing:

I did learn yesterday, as I tried on the many many outfits, where I really hold on to the fat: my belly/hip area, and those damn inner thighs. And it's near impossible on my short little figure to hide it. Hence (oh that university word again) the fact that I did not buy jeans. I tried on many a pair. But until I've lost some chunk-age - or they've managed to work themselves in before I buy them - they will remain on the shelf. That extra roll over the top of the jeans? Ew! Too depressing!

Sigh - boo - ANYHOW - what-evs (again);

e is up from her nap and I've not eaten yet!!! ARRRGHHH.

Happy DAYS!!


  1. Anonymous16.3.10

    you must tell me about the banner... LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! and, all i could think of during my workout on sunday, was this muffin top has GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwww...

    you're gonna look peeerdy on your first day and that's all that matters... or maybe just half the battle :)

  2. aren't you embarassed at all telling asll this to a gent?????i am just teasing you, i was really interested especially the cat allergeys>>>>i have a cat that chases our dog duke, so we are a disfunctiobnal agimal family

  3. Anonymous16.3.10

    A truly entertaining post! (I could hear your voice in mind relaying the day's events as I read it). Sounds like you had a successful, invigorating trip and have the necessary weapons (shiny clothes and smooth skin) minus the requisite shoes. I think we can all sympathize with the experience of trying on clothes under unflattering lighting. Why do we always look the worst crammed in those stupid little cubicles with the oh-so-helpful salesgirl encouraging us to step out so she too can have a look at how it all fits? "Um...It doesn't *quite* fit right...Thanks...Maybe I'll try another size???" (Door remains firmly locked...)

    Knowing you I'm sure you'll look absolutely fab back at work and your students will fall in love with your "looks" -- hair, make-up, and clothes -- all over again. Yay new outfits! New hair! New Chapter. :)


  4. the banner - i am getting it from a place in masonv. i don't quite know the name of - just by silvercity - it's a pic of her *which I MAY post here - and it says, Happy Birthday E-----.

    (:-). I plan to use it yearly. j.b. has one from his childhood *sans pic of course.

    ps: I wish preparation was ALL the battle...I'd be done!

    le - ha ha. yes, I am one with the whole, 'I'm fine. Nope. Not coming out! Got it in a size or two larger?' *wince*.

  5. Shopping was my favorite thing in my 30's and 40's, this decade=not so much.

    enjoy your new stuff and good luck with the weight loss.


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