March 19, 2010

Memories...and March Madness

This week I may leave a few memories of e and I and our past year.

Here's today's.

With the start of March Madness being blasted ALL OVER the place (on my t.v., on my fb, in my favourite blog posts) - I got to thinking about what MM means to me:

It means 14 hours of labor. It means the birth of e. It means a happy hubby, who's so engrossed in the games on the t.v. in our private hospital room, that he pretty much forgets the real reason we are there...I swear he would have paid someone to be there - he had the perfect seat - and he got hours worth of sports watching in!

I loved labor, can you believe this?

I was not one of those crazy (admirable) no epidural types either. 


More pain? More drugs! 

Oh wow. That sounded awful!

But e didn't really want to come out. And she was pushing really hard on my back. Uncomfortable!

Even though I loved labor and the birthing experience, mine was not the greatest, story book perfect birth.


Wanna hear about it?

We go in to the hospital at one in the afternoon. All morning I am fearing that I am losing amniotic fluid but afraid to go in and be a waste of the doc's time if I'm wrong.

I was right.

I am induced at one.

I begin labor at four pm.

The real pain starts at eight pm.

Epidural at eight - oh - one. 

Call my mom at 12am thinking this is close enough to the birth time (I was fully dilated and such) - so she wouldn't be too in my space at this point. Um.Wrong!

e's stubborn streak showed itself even before her birth. She just would not budge.

I spent the ENTIRE night chatting my nurses' ears off. I did not stop talking. In fact at points they had to shut me up because my oxygen was so low it was putting e in jeopardy.

So after many hours e was proving she did not want to come out. I was chatting everyone's ear off, not really worried that e's heart-rate kept dropping. I knew I was amongst professionals who would do what needed to be done in time if it were needed - I was confident!

I was also on this crazy high. I'd never been through a birth. I'd never even had an operation before. The experience was very special to me.

The hours passed very quickly. I pushed. I rested. I never shut up. And jb? watched his march madness! And I sentenced my mom to sitting in a chair in the corner - I could not have ANYONE in my space!

Docs were threatening C section by 3am. Yup. e's heart-rate was concerning. My oxygen level was concerning. My inability to push her out? Concerning.

So the doc slept on it.

And e was pulled out via forceps at 5:37 am on March 29th (the most perfect time if you ask me - as 5:30 has been my favourite time of day since I was fourteen)...

Six lbs. 


But she knew my voice straight away.

In a room full of NICU people, doctors, Residents, Nurses (the doc called my labor an orgy -- ha ha) - the room was loud and buzzing, but when e heard my voice, she turned and looked for me...


Here's your first glimpses of my baby. 

Boy was I ignorant to the many lessons I'd learn as a parent from that moment on....

One week until you're one baby e! 


  1. Happy birthday to baby e!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you talked the whole time! And even after that long night, you look RADIANT! So does baby e. Great job, and hasn't the last year gone by fast? (Well, unless she was colicky - lol)

  3. Love your blog.

    Following on FF!!

  4. What beautiful pics! Love brand new babies!

    Your birth story is very similar to my first born, except we ended up having to have him vacuumed out.

    Have a good weekend! I stopped back to follow you now!

  5. Awwwww happy birthday, pretty little baby! :)

  6. Anonymous20.3.10

    Happy Almost 1 Bday Baby E!!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your birth story. What a stubborn little baby! =]. Thanks for following, returning the favor. = D

  8. What gorgeous pics and a wonderful birth story! I am writing Violet's birth story now. I love reading them! I am your newest follower from Friday Follow!


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