March 31, 2010

Day Three DOWN.

I am in a fog. Things are starting to unhinge - just a bit. ha. Today I forgot to plan a lesson. Last night e was up for about two hours from three a.m. until five a.m. My hair was a hot mess today. My makeup was a bit too cake-y. 

The floor is starting to look like it's been forgotten for months. There are piles of crap everywhere. And I have no energy to do anything about it.

On a bright note: talked with day-care mommy and feel a bit more at ease. A bit. e still only ate half or part of a cereal bar and some yogurt all day...but it's not nothing, right?

But of course, (yay daycare) e has a cold already, too;-)!

Also,  today I had to do the picking up of e because my hubby had an interview (yay!). So I had to do the rushing home, picking her up, making dinner, feeding her...Which hubby was doing the last two days...He was doing the pick up and morning drop off because he was working in the city and could leave later and return earlier.

This system we had going was really working for me - I could get all pertied up in the a.m. without worrying about e. And I didn't have to rush home from my out-of-town job...(although I still pretty much rushed, because I was so anxious to see little e)!

But - no more. He will be starting his working day earlier now. But he will be finished it earlier, too.

So now a NEW routine must be forged (already, I KNOW!).

I was liking this system because jb would feed e before he dropped her off. Now I will have to do this; I think that it might prove to be quite the chore since e doesn't like eating earlier than like eight - and she will have to eat at 7:30. Never mind the fact that now I have to prep myself for around 7:15 (that's hair, makeup, lunch made, breakfast devoured, coffee cup sucked dry)...

Phew. Man. I was just getting used to things...


But jb has a job and that is AWESOME!

The goal for tomorrow? Stay sane. Try not to lose yet another soothy. Maybe pull out the vac. MAYBE. For sure try to remember lessons. And for sure for sure - remember that I am picking up AND dropping off little e.

But, what my number one goal will be is to simply just roll with the punches. Otherwise things might prove to be just a bit too much - and it's just not.

And I thought balancing life before was difficult. What am I gonna do when there are more little e's added to the mix!?


  1. hahah hang in there!! life can get a little crazy -- but i guess that's half the fun? :D

    best of luck with everything!!

  2. I like your goal for tomorrow. It's a very good one to have.

    I've read that children are like that.Some days they eat tons, others hardly at all. It's mostly normal. Although there are times when it might not be, they won't starve themselves.

    Take care of yourself and don't stress out!

  3. Anonymous1.4.10

    BOO for Baby E having her first day-care cold...YAY for JB having a job...BOO for getting out the vac...YAY for long weekends! Sounds like you are juggling everything really well and rolling with it. Fingers crossed for SB Goes Back To Work: Week 2. I'll stay tuned :)



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