February 8, 2010

When is it an addiction?

With all things in my life, my approach is all or nothing. There is no fun in the in between! So I ask, when do pleasurable activities become addictions? When is blogging considered a habit rather than a hobby? and that daily coffee -- when is it one too many?

Where is the line between addiction and recreation?


  1. Ooh, good question. I guess it's an addiction when it starts to impact your life, you know? Like relationships with friends and family and your work. Unfortunately, that means that writing is an addiction for us. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

  2. Ooooh good question! I think addiction is when it starts having a negative impact on your life...perhaps? Writing is an addiction for me...it negatively impacts my social life haha :)

  3. Addiction.....I always though it was when some habit/vice affects your relationship/work or life in general.

    I use to have a shopping addiction, but not having a job now kinda cured that :)

  4. Anonymous9.2.10

    OMG... You know it's an addiction when I check your blog like every couple of hours. It's bad! I'm obsessed and addicted!! Helllllp
    ~ anonimo

  5. Anonymous9.2.10

    Ditto on obsessively checking your blog. It's in my usual surfing routine: e-mail account, fb, weather, your blog, newspaper, e-mail. (I always start and end with e-mail -- just in case something magically appears).

    I've often wondered at what point Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, goes from a help to a hindrance. When does my need for household "order" become a huge waste of time...


  6. interesting thoughts peeps! i agree...and this Internet thingy...is totally affecting my life:-)! but i'm down with my vice!

    and mummsy and miss l -- i am glad you both are loyal readers. keeps me writing!

    and also l -- i wouldn't worry unless you start scrubbing your hands raw -- although i am a bit concerned about your book shelf....

  7. Great question. I wish I knew that myself... I am pretty sure I am border-line OCD. But who knows....



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