February 9, 2010

Passing Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole


Last night, as I was staying up way too late to get my bloggy blog to look just so, my brain was a-whirling. I have become increasingly amazed at the time suck-age aspect of Internet Blogging. It can take hours to understand how to fix or create one thing. HOURS! And for what? Why? I think of it as a creative outlet, but it's so much more.

The Internet itself is a New Place to explore. It is a beyond the looking glass inversion of all things us. In it we can hear our inner voice - as we write, as we read; as we are in here and not out there.

Not only is it a place to extend our voices -- it is also a place to read others' thoughts. It's private, personal. There's something very intimate about reading another person's writings. And blog topics, too, can often be quite confidential. And we Bloggers let each other in - in here -- beyond the looking glass where it is safe. It is in our Wonderland where we can share and relate and be.

And so we all  have together tumbled as Alice did: only we've ended up in this expansive and limitless place, hoping to share our voice, maybe make a friend. And certainly to capture moments; be suspended in time -- just like Alice.

But I haven't just fallen into the blogging/Internet abyss, I have catapulted myself -- and I'm stuck on the other side. I have become a bit lost in here...I have gone way beyond Alice's mirror and her rabbit hole: I am now a part of a very different world than her Wonderland. This is the World Wide WEB.  And it is my Wonderland.

And. I. am. always. late.

The most difficult part about my new Wonderland: my hubby and baby cannot cross and join; they just wait impatiently for me on the other side. They are here in spirit, but with them I cannot accurately share the great lessons I'm learning and adventures I'm traveling; at least not first hand. And the experiences get lost and blurred in the retelling. And so, my Wonderland remains mine (ours) as we all journey together.

Like Alice's Wonderland, I am carried in many directions in here. And I get overwhelmed! This Internet is a very confusing, entangled place! Unlike Alice, I am definitely not playing a game of cards or chess. My Wonderland is NOT METHODICAL. I innocently try to move in one direction, attempting to create something new, and I end up caught in all the 'how to's'. And once I get out of that mess, and I feel composed once again, I turn around and become bombarded with streams of oncoming distractions: a 'comment' here, and a 'tweet me' there , and a 'follow me' now. AHHH! I become an ensnared mess!

And. Once Again. I. Am. Late. 

The clock is ticking and I am hurriedly and busily trying to find that one end of the World Wide Web to unravel myself and continue in a straight, linear, concise and specific manner. I try desperately to find my footing and my focus. As the clock ticks, and I start to hear others from Beyond the Glass calling me, I need to get out of this webby mess and get myself back to my blog! Hopefully, having completed at least one. simple. task. Oh the journey!

As the voices get louder and I try desperately, frantically to get my one task accomplished, I pause for a moment, and look around the whirl y mess: this is my Wonderland

And I. am. Alice. 

I am suspended in here.

Even when I am running late out there and I have to climb back through the hole and enter the other side of the glass...I am always still partially in here. With You.
But now, I have a Very Important Date.

**This is an exaggerated, hyperbolic piece.
**pps: I am only ever on the Net when baby naps or at night...hence lack of sleep1 


  1. Wow, that is *extremely* intriguing! And yeah, the internet sure can be like a black hole when it comes to time: it took me a whole hour to figure out how to put in an HTML textbox :S

    Love to comparison to Alice and the Rabbithole! You are certainly creative :D

  2. Have a nice day!

  3. thanks amelia! after spending lots of time on here, i was inspired!

  4. Anonymous10.2.10

    Great post! I love how you've used Alice and Wonderland to describe (y)our journey through cyberspace. (And, I can't wait for Tim Burton's version of Alice to come out).

    I was wondering how blogging has fit into your family life. What does JB think of your new, incredibly creative outlet?

    As a side note, have you seen UP? We watched it on Saturday night and I balled my eyes out. N thought I was nuts. Did anyone else (out there) find the beginning of the movie heart-wrenchingly sad??? Poor Mr. Fredericson...

  5. oh L. what a great question. he hates it. he thinks i am actually addicted. i called him a hypocrite considering all the days and nights he's spent on the computer while I sat on my own..oh wait, he still does this. but my job is to clean house and mind baby -- not to play online! gr. sore subject right now.

    and he took this post far too literally.

    as for up. i cried at the start. it killed me!!! great movie!

  6. Anonymous10.2.10

    I guess I already knew the answer to my question, but I thought you might want to blog about it. N would probably feel the same way. He probably wouldn't even bother reading what I posted. He doesn't see the fun in fb or blogs. But then I guess I don't see the fun in listening to sports highlights ad nauseam or keeping track of the latest scores online. To each her/his own?

  7. Anonymous10.2.10

    im looking forward to more about thirsty thursday!!!! it's not up yet, right?

  8. nope -- tomorrow night!!! thirsty thursday!

  9. and thanks elaine -- !

  10. What a fabulous metaphor! This is one my my favorite blog posts of all time. :-) Exaggerated, hyperbolic writing is one of my favorite kinds. ;-) Throw in a great literary allusion and I am totally hooked!

    Oh, and Anonymous, Up made me cry too. :-)

  11. thanks Stephanie!

  12. Don't miss the Valentine's Day Giveaway, tomorrow on Sweet as a Candy :-)


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