February 15, 2010

February Funk - It's Funkalicious...


I don't know about anyone else but I am feeling pretty darn funkalicious. Yup. That's the nice word for bitchy. I am calling it the February Funk and blaming it on snow, being stuck indoors and boredom.

How the funk is playing itself out: 
blaming hubby for not reading my mind.
blaming hubby for not doing everything around house.
blaming hubby for not getting up with e at three a.m.
blaming hubby for not getting up for good with e at seven a.m.
mad at hubby for getting to take a nap.
blaming hubby for e not eating AGAIN.
blaming hubby for breathing too loudly.
blaming hubby b/c my pants don't fit.
blaming hubby for ... well anything that is bothering me today -- and that's everything.

Poor hubby.

Anyone else in a funk?

Any ideas how to get out of it? If not for me, for my hubby?


  1. Anonymous15.2.10

    aw poor hubby! but, hubby can take it! and i always figure, better he than baby (s)!! i feel your funk! it's the grey, repulsive weather. is it just me or is this winter far more disgusting than last years?? at least last year there were snow days and windy days and snowy days.. this year it seems just grey and grey and grey and gross. even a fresh dusting of snow is a little uplifting. i find baking a real pick me up! but now im fat and that's making me more funky. it's a vicious cycle.

  2. oh dear, yes, I am most certainly in a funk...and a bad one at that. I do believe I am completely and utterly miserable...and I will do anything to get out of utah soon...including moving back to south africa.

  3. Oh wow -- South Africa, hey? Is that where you're from??? Yeah funks suck big time...everything looks a shade of grey and everyone pisses me off...sighs. i hope you girls feel better soon...we need solutions here! solutions!

  4. hubbies are usually guilty.

  5. haha! I just snapped out of mine, but I have a cold. maybe I am just numb.

  6. Anonymous16.2.10

    I wish my hubby could read my mind. He's very attentive and intuitive and asks me as soon as he senses something is going awry, but sometimes he just doesn't GET it. For some reason, this becomes more of a problem in February...

    Maybe the talking/translating dog collar from Up, that you mentioned in a recent post, would help? I'm not sure who would need to wear it....Maybe both hubby and wifie? ;)

    --Anon. (aka laraevelyn)

  7. LOL!!!!! That sounds like me.. hahahah


  8. Anonymous17.2.10

    Ugh, yes, yes, yes. Is it spring yet?

    I feel like my fuse is getting shorter and shorter. Husbands always seem the first point of attack, don't they? :) (And I feel especially guilty for that, since mine's been down with the flu for a week)


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